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cannot login to network
zen277 Nov-27-01 05:12 AM
There seems to be a strange problem. when some users in our network try to login; he gets a notification saying " request not supported by the network" While other users dont have any problems logging in. We have a Windows NT 4.0 server. No dhcp wins or dns on our network. Static ip addresses. This problem has never occured before. We have not changed any configuration on the server. This problem occurs on many pcs not just one particular computer. I have tried to login with administrator id as well as other logins but the problem still persists. At other times, I can login from the same pc without problems. Any suggestions ??

1. RE: cannot login to network
lbyard Nov-27-01 07:19 PM
In response to message 0
Count the number of PCs and the number of licenses on the server. BTW one can lie to NT about the number of licenses and get away with it. Larry

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