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Win 98 and Win2k
lion147 Jul-13-00 04:13 PM
I have just networked my two computers, both Pentiums one with Win 98 the other with Win 2k Pro. Both machines have 3Com 10/100 cards connected via a crossover cable. At first both computers could ping each other with IPs and names but there was nothing in network neighbourhood on either machine, after setting both cards to be full duplex the Win 2k machine has both itself and the Win 98 computer in Net Neighbourhood but when I click on 'Entire Network' in Net Neighbourhood on the Win 98 machine I get the 'Network inaccessible' message. The networks runs TCP/IP with the minimum of services; file and print sharing and client for microsoft networks. Everything to do with the NICS is the same, apart from the IPs of course!

Please help,


1. RE: Win 98 and Win2k
lbyard Jul-13-00 05:29 PM
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Tom, Most NICs autosense and will automatically adjust to highest operating parameters both NICs and the cable are capable of. If they are capable of full duplex, both should automatically operate that way. The computers must have the same workgroup name and each must have a unique computer name. You must login to network on a Windows network. The Network properties should be set Log in with the Microsoft network client. Have you shared drives on both machines? You may need host tables. See C:\>windows\HOSTS.SAM for an example. I don’t know where it is on a 2000 machine. In Win NT (server) it is located at C:\>winnt\system32\drivers\etc\. From the Windows Explorer on Win 98 computer try Tools, Find, Computer, and enter the computer name of the Win 2000 computer. A marginal cable may be the cause of the problems. Hope this helps… Larry

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