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Wall ports
turve Dec-03-01 10:17 AM
I have managed to get hold of some wall ports for Cat 5 cabling.

My question is, if I wired them in the same manner as the crossover cables detailed in Larry's How To, would I be able to dispense with my crossover cable and just use straight through patch cables at either wall port to connect to the PC.

1. RE: Wall ports
lbyard Dec-03-01 06:07 PM
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You can cross them at the jacks (wire one jack 568A and the other 568B, http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/network/cable/cable6.htm) and use straight-thru patch cables from the jacks to the PCs. The jacks should be color coded for both standards (the wiring/pin order on most jacks does not match plug pin order where the wires attach to the jack, and you have to follow the color code on the jacks. They do match where the cables plug-in). It makes no difference what color code is used for the patch cables. Mix them if you like variety and confusion. Or, wire the jacks straight-thru, put a straight-thru patch cable at one end and a/the crossover cable at the other. That would make things a little easier if you plan to expand the network by adding a hub, switch, or router/switch. The jacks I use can be rewired to change them/correct an error. Larry

2. RE: Wall ports
turve Dec-05-01 09:10 AM
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Thanks Larry - helpful as always!

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