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Where does the hub go?!
wmb Dec-07-01 11:59 PM

I am setting up a home network with Cat-5e cable. I want 5 points around the house but no permanent 'base' to wire everything back to (may be one of two rooms, depending on wife's later decisions!)

Where should the hub go? Can it go in the attic by itself reasonably maintenance free, or must it be accessible and/or next to the server?

Alternatively, can I run the 5 points back to the attic and use patch cables to send each of them back out to one of two possible locations for the server in the future? (Creating excess and redundant cabling, but I can live with that)

Have read the tutorials and understand cabling, but can't work out if what I plan above will work or is recommended.

Many thanks for you time - links or other ideas much appreciated.


1. RE: Where does the hub go?!
lbyard Dec-08-01 04:58 PM
In response to message 0
I would route them to an area that is more accessible than the average attic. I would not put a device that is to be left powered-up all the time in an attic. If your attic is like mine (not too well ventilated) it gets hotter than I would like to see for electronic equipment. The availability of power is also a consideration. I like to put hubs switches where I can see them. Mine is on shelf just above my server and about four feet from where I normally sit. Wire is cheap. I would choose an Ethernet switch over a hub. They cost about the same. If you are planning on broadband Internet service in the future I would spend a little more and get a router/switch (http://duxcw.com/faq/ics/diffrout.htm). I presently have an SMC7008BR router/7-port switch and works great. It also has a built-in printer server (which may not work with all printers; e.g., win printers) and can be used to share an external dial-up MODEM as well as a broadband (cable/DSL) MODEM with an Ethernet interface. Larry

2. RE: Where does the hub go?!
wmb Dec-09-01 02:05 PM
In response to message 1

Thanks for the advice - I can see the sense in what you are saying.

One last thing, sorry - I will do as you suggest and have the hub or router/switch in the same room as the main computer - however, if I have to move out of that room, can the hub or router/switch stay behind by itself - ie, can I place the server on any of the points around the house and not neccessarily near the hub?

Much appreciated - Wayne

3. RE: Where does the hub go?!
lbyard Dec-09-01 06:49 PM
In response to message 2
The server is like any other PC on the network and can be moved. Larry

4. RE: Where does the hub go?!
wmb Dec-10-01 11:16 AM
In response to message 3

Thanks for your advice - all are probably stupid questions but I appreciate you taking the time to answer them anyway... right, time to start drilling holes...

Thanks again - Wayne

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