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Tweaking the network
oamin Dec-08-01 08:09 AM
I just installed (using the tutorial on this website)a LAN between 2 computers using a cross over cable
But the thing is that it is pretty slow
It took 40 minutes for 2 gigs
Could i tweak the settings on the network card adapters such that they coulg go faster

1. RE: Tweaking the network
lbyard Dec-08-01 06:02 PM
In response to message 0
Or 100 Mbytes in about 2 minutes. I transfer 100 MBytes in about 1 1/2 minutes. So, it's not terribly slow. Other than some odd-ball database applications, I have never had to tweak software for local area network performance. Usually, the problem is caused by a substandard cable, which is corrupting packets and requiring retransmissions. Do you see lite 100 MHz LEDs and solid Link (or mostly solid combination Link and Activity—should blink off when there is activity) LEDs on the network adapters? Larry

2. RE: Tweaking the network
oamin Dec-10-01 06:00 PM
In response to message 1
There is a solid green light on the 10/100 led indicator meaning that it has a 100Mbytes connection but that is not the case as u can see with the speeds that i have been able to get.
The link led is constantly blinking though.
So it must be the cable then.
Any way i cant seem to share my high speed internet connection, through the network. Is there anything specific that i have to install as well?? after TCP/IP.

Just on the side i calculated that i should be able to transfer 2 GBytes in under 3 minutes if the network speed was 100Mbits!!!
Is there anything faster than netbeui though???

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