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pcanywhere question
erictang Jul-16-00 08:33 AM
I am using pcanywhere 8.0 and frequently work with friends and customers. Recently I have tried to connect to another remote computer which also has pcanywhere 8.0 and WIN98 installed. When modem connection is established with my side as "be a remote" and the other side "be a host", I can only see a black blank screen while the other side also sees the same. If I type on the keyboard, the other side can see the echo of what I typed, same vice versa. However, if I change my side as a "host", the other side can dial in and everything works perfectly.

Another problem I encountered in a different case was upon connection, the screen displayed some strange characters and the line immediately dropped off.

Can anyone help? Thank you.

1. RE: pcanywhere question
lbyard Jul-16-00 01:54 PM
In response to message 0
See http://service1.symantec.com/SUPPORT/pca.nsf/fa9d717749cd872d852566340045d113/dab033e07f9b646b882564ad007781c1?OpenDocument Larry

2. RE: pcanywhere question
erictang Jul-18-00 02:06 PM
In response to message 1
Thank you for the information, Larry.
My problem is "Black Screen with blinking cursor on top left corner" without PCanywhere tool bar.
After following the instructions to fix possible cause of problem like modem drivers, video drivers etc, the problem does not go away.

My requirement is to have someone dial in to my computer and I can work on his computer. I set up two computers with pcanywhere and two identical ZOOM 56K dual mode faxmodems in my office and tried the above. It works fine with one "host" and the other "remote". It just does not work with both computer "remote". By the way, it works with IP connection.

Is there any other alternative than pcanywhere for my requirement?

3. RE: pcanywhere question
lbyard Jul-18-00 02:53 PM
In response to message 2
Are you said you are trying to get two remotes to talk to each other. Both computers cannot be remotes. A remote must connect to a host. Other than that I would suggest upgrading the software so you can get support form Symantec. PCAnywhere problems can be very daunting. I have spent days on them. Larry

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