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Using 2 broadband connections on one network - HELP!
jimtrade Dec-09-01 02:59 PM
I have two broadband connections (one cable and one dsl modem) that are being used independantly on two separate networks. What I would like to accomplish is to be able to share the two connections to the internet on the same network so that the computers will either choose to use one or the other and one connection to the internet would take over if the other went down.ideal scenario would be to load ballance this network but dont know if that is within budget but the main goal is to have some redundancy in the connection to the internet for all the computers on the network.

the current setup is one network has cable modem into a router with a built in 4 port switch and 3 computers connected and the other network is an alcatel speedtouch USB modem into a gateway computer using ICS to share that connection with another computer.

how can I get these two networks together or make one network that will share the two connections among all the computers and act as a backup at the same time? I would prefer to use a hardware solution to accomplish this if possible but will consider software solutions if that is the only way to accomplish this.

1. RE: Using 2 broadband connections on one network - HELP!
lbyard Dec-09-01 06:51 PM
In response to message 0
I would use a dial-up as a backup and save bunches of money. Larry

2. RE: Using 2 broadband connections on one network - HELP!
jimtrade Dec-10-01 00:18 AM
In response to message 1
my problem is not that I dont have dialup as I do and it is provided with the dsl account as a backup to that dsl connection. My problem is that this is mission critical that the connection be available and not dropped in the middle of something I am doing, so i am willing to spend some money to accomplish this but have a lack of understanding as to how best to accomplish the task of making the two connections work together to provide the required redundancy and some increased likelyhood that I will have the needed connection to the internet. As much as I appreciate your reply I do not see how this is a solution to my problem as I need the connection to seamlessly continue to operate without having to reconfigure the protocol of some of the computers to work on the other connection and manually change the connections on the network. So if you have any suggestions as to how I could accomplish this it would be greatly appreciated.

3. RE: Using 2 broadband connections on one network - HELP!
lbyard Dec-10-01 05:35 PM
In response to message 2
I have not done it. You may want to research Cisco's site at http://cisco.com/. Larry

4. RE: Using 2 broadband connections on one network - HELP!
MIKE3016 Dec-11-01 01:56 AM
In response to message 2
Hey Jim you might want to check out Nexlands's ISB PRO800Turbo.....it's $400 (alot cheaper than Cisco and easier to work with unless you are a Certified at Cisco) has 8 10/100 ports and can load balance 2 broadband connections. Link below


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