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Where to get Win2K server CD
rockyho Dec-11-01 06:39 PM
I like to share the LaserJet 6L which link to the Win2K professional system by other win95/98 machines. All belong to the same workgroup (in the network). But win2K asks for "Win2K SERVER CD" to get driver. The CD came with the Win2K system doesn't match and can't help?!

And I do the reverse, linked the printer to win95 machine and share to win2K system ... but can print to win95 machine! Does it require PCL driver for win2K system? I find one (HP LaserJet 6L PCL 5e Driver ) from HP's driver page but not try yet.

Another printer hp deskjet890C, proposed to connect to win9X system and shared to others. But still fail for win2K machine. (other 95 system ok). It seems that no driver for win2K system??!

1. RE: Where to get Win2K server CD
lbyard Dec-12-01 03:43 PM
In response to message 0
Try browsing the printer setup to the i386 directory on the Win 2K CD. Larry

2. RE: Where to get Win2K server CD
rockyho Dec-13-01 05:28 PM
In response to message 1
Thanks ... I can go one more step further!
However, it request for the win95/98 CD-ROM. I am not sure which folder of the CD-ROM should be pointed to?

(Similar Q have been seen in this forum but I can't figure it out again!)

Is it possible to use the installation disk come with the LJ6L printers?

3. RE: Where to get Win2K server CD
lbyard Dec-14-01 07:59 PM
In response to message 2
The d:\win95 or d:\win98, where d: is your CD-ROM drive. Larry

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