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IPX Routing
Tsunulukai Dec-13-01 02:57 PM
Hi !

as I am looking for informations about the IPX Protocol, I'd be very grateful to you if you could help me...

Here's my "problem"...
I recently installed a VPN Server on my network. I had some difficulties to understand how it works, but now, everythings is right... for the TCP/IP Protocol.
But I'd like to have the IPX protocol working too, because some old DOS Games (like Duke Nukem 3D) need it to play network games.

My server is running Windows NT4 with SP5.
I got "NWLink IPX/SPX" & "PPTP" protocol installed, and the RIP Service for "NWLink IPX".

I've searched the net for informations about network numbers, but I still don't know how to configure the system to enable IPX routing over my VPN, as I still don't know what are exactly those Internal and External networks numbers...

I think I should use 802.2 or Ethernet II frame type (I got a 100mbps Ethernet 8Ports hub, so an Ethernet Network)... is it right ?

How am I supposed to do to enable VPN Routing ?

1. RE: IPX Routing
lbyard Dec-14-01 07:47 PM
In response to message 0
I have done a VPN, let alone run IPX over it. Why do you need to run games over a VPN? Just run them over the Internet. The two things that usually have to be configured when using IPX are the frame rate and LAN number. The frame rate, etc. is probably dependent on the game, but if they are the same throughout everything that must communicate with that protocol, any of usually works OK. I donít recall which one Novell favors, but is the one I would try first. Right, it runs over the Ethernet on a local network. I have had to adjust other parameters in the Windows registry for some applications, but that was years ago. Btreive is/was one of them. Larry

2. RE: IPX Routing
Tsunulukai Dec-14-01 07:55 PM
In response to message 1
I do need to run IPX over VPN because those old Games I'd like to play don't support TCP/IP. So communications need to be encapsuled thru a VPN connexion...

What I am supposed to enter in the "Internal Network" & in the "External Network" Values, both on the VPN Server's side and on the client's side ?

Can I put whatever I want ?
Or shall I put what I want as external num as long as it's the same for the clients ?
Should I put a different Internal Network Number on each computer ? or shall it be the same ?

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