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1 computer - 2 different networks?? Can I
nrbsr Dec-14-01 08:25 AM
My kids are home from college with their computers which are set up for their school network (Novell). I want to do some maintenence on their machines while they are home and was wondering if I could leave their school network settings alone and also plug their machines into my home network (SMC router).
My thinking is that I might be able to leave their settings alone and set up a separate windows account (98SE) on their computer with network settings to match my home network.
Is this workable or will I need to get into something more complicated??


1. RE: 1 computer - 2 different networks?? Can I
lbyard Dec-14-01 08:27 PM
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Won't hurt to change the workgroup names, setup file sharing, and try it. Some school networks have stuff in the autoexec.bat and config.sys files that could cause problems. Others will probably work with just these changes. Start, Run, enter winipcfg and release and renew the IP leases if there are problems. Suggest recording the changes and setting them back before they go back to school or keep your checkbook handy. Larry

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