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Cat 5: using 4 or 8
krawdad Dec-16-01 06:57 PM
I recently helped my brother run cat 5 throughout
his house. We ran 2 "home runs" to each room. Originally, we thought one would be for the phone and the other for a computer. My question is this: can we use only 4 wires from each run? 4 wires for the computer and 4 wires for the phone from one CAT 5 cable. This would double are original plans to allow us to have possible 2 phone and 2 computers in a single room. If so, what jack would we use and how best to crimp it.

Thank you for your help in advance,
Thomas J. Kroljic

1. RE: Cat 5: using 4 or 8
lbyard Dec-17-01 08:36 PM
In response to message 0
Theoretically, it can be done using punch-down blocks at both ends, but I have been told that the phone ring will raise havoc with the network. You may be able use one cable for the phone lines (four of them) and one for the computer. I have found however, that multiple phone lines on one cable, a long one, will occasionally bomb a dial-up MODEM connection with some MODEMs when the phone rings. There are outlet faceplates that will accommodate up to eight jacks. So, if you can get new wires into the existing boxes you wonít need to cut new holes in the wall for more boxes to run additional cables. Larry

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