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Question regarding hardware and cable layout
Gixster Dec-20-01 03:51 PM
I'm putting together a plan for a peer to peer network with cable internet access for all computers and I want to verify the layout, as I'm not totally cable standard savvy.

Here's how I envision everything being hooked up.

1. Cable line coming to cable modem.
2. Straight thru cat 5 cable from cable modem to an 8-port router/switch.
3. Straight thru cat 5 cables from router/switch to 4 separate computers. Direct cabling only, I will not be using any wall plates.

The end result is that I need to be able to share the internet access with all three computers, and share a printer hooked up to 1 computer with the other 3.

Anything I missed here gang ?


1. RE: Question regarding hardware and cable layout
lbyard Dec-20-01 04:40 PM
In response to message 0
Looks Ok except the cable between the MODEM and router. It could be straight thru or crossover depending on the MODEM and router. Most are straight thru. Larry

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