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Peer to peer in win 98
pdrew Jul-19-00 02:56 AM
Hi I am trying to set up a peer to peer on 2 win 98 comps.
I installed a Netgear fa311 fast ethernet pci adapter on
bolth comps setup on the first one went fine, the network neighborhood
shows its own drive in entire network.On the second comp
i had problems with the card,finally got it to install by disabling
plp bios.It shows fine in the device man but i believe this is where
my problem is becouse i can't get the network to set up doing it the same
way as on the other comp.The network properties acts strange (won't take
changes in the setting)The netgear card is sharing IRQ 10 with pci bus steering
Mem range 08000000-08000fff input/ output 1000-10ff.Do you think the IRQ sharing is
causing the problem?Ihave IRQ 14 open woulk like to try a change but i need some input as to what
are safe settings for a network card
Thanks Pete
Nice forum

1. RE: Peer to peer in win 98
lbyard Jul-19-00 03:10 PM
In response to message 0
What motherboard do you have? If you have one with the VIA MVP3 chipset, down load and install the 4-in-1 drivers from VIA (http://www.viatech.com/drivers/index.htm). I have seen network adapter problems with that chipset when the VIA IRQ Miniport Driver is not installed. Other than that, I would load the BIOS defaults, disable motherboard ports you aren’t using (e.g., COM2:, USB), enable OS is PnP aware, and pull all boards on the problem computer except the video and network. You may have a cable problem. Run the network diagnostics that probably came on the floppy with the board. (The loopback test will fail, as you do not have a loopback plug.) There are several postings in this forum on other troubleshooting tools. Search the Forum with “tip.” Be sure to search for a longer period than the last day. Larry

2. RE: Peer to peer in win 98
pdrew Jul-20-00 02:55 AM
In response to message 1
Thanks for the quick reply.I don't have the Via mvp3 board.I have gone through the troubleshooting listed on the forum.I don't believe its a cable problem,i tried disabling all hardware except for the video and network card no luck.The login does not come up at startup, have uninstalled and reinstalled Client for microsoft networks several times this is where it acts strange it promps me for the win 98 cd when removing the program.I have run system file checker and even ran windows setup checked bootlog txt can't find anything wrong.Tried switching log on the windows log on and rebooted in order to bring up the log on screen with no luck.Have any more ideas
Thanks Pete

3. RE: Peer to peer in win 98
lbyard Jul-20-00 12:58 PM
In response to message 2
Yes, see "Login onto Network screen doesn't come up when start..." in this forum, which I responded to yesterday and today, for steps to take when you do not get a logon screen at startup. Please follow the steps in the chronological order that I presented them to the other reader. A PC will not connect to a Windows network unless you logon. Larry

4. RE: Peer to peer in win 98
pdrew Jul-22-00 01:50 AM
In response to message 3
Got the log on screen doing the reg hack one problem solved.The diag .exe failed all tests for the network adapter so i have contacted tec support for netgear will let you know the details. The node id does not match what they say it should in the readme file."this may cause the adapter not to configure properly even though device man shows no problems"
Thanks for your help

5. RE: Peer to peer in win 98
pdrew Jul-26-00 01:05 AM
In response to message 4
The problem was the Netgear cards No tec support.I exchanged them for 2 links sys cards and hub. Had the network up and running in 1 hour.Is it just me or have others had problems with these adapters?

6. RE: Peer to peer in win 98
lbyard Jul-26-00 03:53 PM
In response to message 5
Sooner or later soemone is going to have a problem with any network card out there. They do fail and some of them are DOA (Dead On Arrival). The more popular a board is the more failures there will be. I have not heard of excessive failures of Netgear boards. Larry

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