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Everything shared and working BUT Email access.
kingcharmz Dec-21-01 09:11 AM

I need some help..if possible.

I have 2 computers networked directly by a pc to pc lan cable and 2 ethernet cards. No hub. My "server" station has Cable internet access via a second network card.

After buying my two D-link DFE-538TX Lan cards I finally got my 2 PCs networked using TCP/IP. I am sharing files and my printer with no problems.

It took me a while to figure out how to get my internet connection shared with ICS. It just never worked as described everywhere I read. Until I figured out that I had to copy the Service providers Host, Domain and DNS servers information into my client pc. Then I finally had Internet shared. Now I can do Lan/Wan games with out problems, and even use MSN Instant Messenger on both computers perfectly.

However..one thing has me stumped...I can NOT access my email from my client computer. It has all the same settings as the host.
I wonder if it has anything to do with the Mail servers listed as "pop" and "smtp", these work fine on the main computer. Am I missing something?
I am using Windoes ME, and Outlook express.
My main pc is ip subnet, and my client pc is ip subnet , Gateway , DNS host, domain, and servers are also present.
Still I get outlook express errors telling me that the host "pop" could not be found"...etc.
Should I replace pop and smtp with something else like the DHCP ip address???

I would appreciate any possible solutions you can give me.

1. RE: Everything shared and working BUT Email access.
kingcharmz Dec-21-01 09:32 AM
In response to message 0
OK. That was fast..I think I figured it out..thanks to the forum..I read I thread that said to ping "pop" and "smtp" and get the server addresses..I did that and found both the domain server name and the ip for both..I went back to my client pc and put the names in (not the ip in case they change) and it seems to be working. It checked all accounts. I ran some tests by sending email to my self and it worked. Ahh..sweet success! This is has given me more answers to my networking questions and problems then any where else on the net and in just a few minutes as a member. Wow! Awesome!

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