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RJ-45 (for 568A)
gotcha Dec-27-01 08:10 PM
How many versions can there be. Could someone (who has hands on experience) please tell me the layout for connecting a 586A cable to an RJ-45 connector. Please also clear up some more confusion for me regarding the pin layout. If the clip-release is facing me is pin1 on the right, or on the left?

Finally, I have seen RJ-45 connectors with steel outer-plating, however the ones I have are totally plastic. I want to run a 100MB LAN - do I need the steel plated?

1. RE: RJ-45 (for 568A)
lbyard Dec-28-01 05:42 PM
In response to message 0
>If the clip-release is facing me is pin1 on the right, or on the left?

One would normally look at it with the plug up, cable down, and clip away. The wires are easier to see that way. If it is held that way, pin 1 is on the left.

>do I need the steel plated?

No. However, just because they are plastic does not mean they are the right plugs.

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