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sygate won't connect to net
cruzin4bruzin Jul-21-00 03:20 AM
I have installed sygate on my network to share my cable modem. I setup the software got both PC' to talk to each other and sygates diagnogstic program says everything works right, except connecting to the internet though the cable modem, which is Cox@home service here in La Mesa, Ca. The modem is a Motorola (if that makes a difference)
I'm Not able to connect to the net from my Client PC or My Host. For some reason if I assign TCP/IP to my NIC card that's connected to my Client PC, then I no longer can connect to the net from either PC, but as soon as I remove the TCP/IP protocol from the NIC going to the Client, my internet service starts working once again.

WHATS UP WITH THAT !! cruzin4bruzin

1. RE: sygate won't connect to net
lbyard Jul-21-00 01:24 PM
In response to message 0
If you assign an IP to a NIC it is known as a static IP. The other kind of IP is a dynamic IP. A Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP) server assigns dynamic IPís. SyGate has a built-in DHCP server. If want to use static IPís, then SyGateís DHCP server has to be disabled or it has to be told not to use IPís used as static IPís. If you use Static IPS they should look like this:,, etc. The net masks should look like this: When SyGate is installed, it normally assigns a static IP of to the SyGate host and uses DHCP to assign IPs to SyGate clients. Once you have decided how you are going to set-up things, you may have to undo some things by running winipcfg (Start, Run, enter winipcfg), select the appropriate network adapter, and release IP address leases (DHCP server ďleasesĒ IP addresses to clients for specific or indefinite periods of time), and then renew them if you are using dynamic IPs. I prefer static IPs for small networks. If you are using static IPs, you should have a HOSTS file to associate IP addresses with computer names. An example HOSTS file (and reather cryptic instructions) is available at C:\>windows\. See if you can connect to with your browser. If you can, see if you can connect to http://duxcw.com/ with your browser. If you canít, you have a Dynamic Name Server (DNS) Problem the IP and the domain name addresses are both my web site. A DNS server simply looks up IPs from a table listing domain names and IPs and returns an IP when requested with a domain name. DNS servers reside on the Internet on one or more of your Internet Service Providerís (ISP) computer(s). Either your ISP provides the IPs of his DNS servers automatically to you computer of you have to enter it/them manually on all of your computers. If you cannot connect to with your browser, open a DOS window in windows and type ping If you get a good ping, your browser is not configured correctly. Try pinging http://duxcw.com/. If that works, DNS is working. See my articles for configuring your browser. If you can get the SyGate host working, have installed the SyGate client on a client, and the client is not working; try pinging the SyGate host with If that works you have a working TCP/IP local area network. If the LAN is working try pinging a host on the Internet as you did before. If you can ping a host on the Internet, SyGate is performing the Network Address Translation (NAT) function. That is it is translating IPs in the TCP/IP packets back an forth between the local IP on the client to the IP assigned to the network adapter connected to the cable MODEMÖ.. Larry

2. RE: sygate won't connect to net
rbvett Jul-26-00 10:54 PM
In response to message 1
I am having a similar problem. We connect to our ISP with a line-of-sight wireless network based on Zoomair NIC's. Our at-home LAN is ethernet cabled, 5 stations. The ISP is using Sygate on his side to share his boostered receiver. I have a successful TCP/IP LAN on our side of the Zoomair and sygate diagnostics indicate a good installation within our at-home LAN. We have used sygate in a dialup setting for 2 years and I have configured it many times, but this has been a nightmare. The internet connection is always on, as it should be, similar, I believe, to a cable modem-type setup, but sygate will not perform the NAT function ( I guess?)(I suppose it could be the Zoomair hardware, but the NIC allows for it's own IP address, etc.) We cannot connect to the internet from any of the client computers. Sybergen keeps referring me to the documentation and FAQ, which I have read until I can quote sections. My question is this - We are using static IP's on the server ethernet NIC, as well as the client NICs...also a static IP assigned by the ISP on the Zoomair NIC... are the settings on the advanced window of the sygate manager of use to disable the DHCP? Is that what is needed and how do I do this.. After fiddling with this for 3 weeks, and living with many family members unhappy because we curently have only one computer that will connect to the internet, albeit at a blazingly fast speed, I am a REALLY frustrated person. Help! Kathy M.

3. RE: sygate won't connect to net
lbyard Jul-27-00 01:41 PM
In response to message 2
You have to disable DHCP on SyGate to use static IPs. I have done it with static Ips on my clients and it works. To make the problem easier to solve, I would disconnect all but one of the clients. You should be using (IP/mask) for the SyGate host and, etc. or something like that for the clients. I use for the host (when testing, etc.) and for my wife's computer because my NT server is using, etc. Are you able to ping the Internet? Try If that works, try pinging duxcw.com. If that doesn't work, you have a DNS problem. Both are the same host. Search the Forum for more on pinging and DNS. Etc. Larry

4. RE: sygate won't connect to net
rbvett Jul-27-00 06:14 PM
In response to message 3
All of the client computers can ping the server, the server can ping the client computers, the server can ping the internet ip and domain, the clients can neither ping the ip or domain name of any internet site. Is there a hard setting to disable the DHCP? Is that what is interfering with the NAT functon between the server ethernet NIC and the server Zoomair used to connect to the ISP? Thanks. Kathy M.

5. RE: sygate won't connect to net
lbyard Jul-27-00 07:36 PM
In response to message 4
With SyGate 3.11, bring-up the SyGate Manager on the SyGate Host, click Tools on the menu, Select Configuration, uncheck the Enable Built-in DHCP Server check box, an click OK. That is how I did it and it worked. Larry

6. RE: sygate won't connect to net
rbvett Jul-27-00 10:52 PM
In response to message 4
Yeah!! Hurray!! You did it, fixed the problem 3 weeks of sybergen tech support and repeated readings of the manuals couldn't fix. Thank you. Thank you. Kathy M.

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