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Computers Disappear from Network Neighborhood on Win98 PCs
jgabourel Jan-04-02 04:08 PM
I have a network consisting of 1 Windows 2000 server, 1 windows 2000 professional client, and 4 windows 98 PCs. On 3 of the 4 windows 98 PCs the users have been complaining that their view of the other computers in Network Neighborhood disappears occasionally and the only way to get it back is to reboot (sometimes more than a few times). Even when the other computers disappear from Network Neighborhood they can ping the computers as well as access them via find computer.

I believe I have a master browser problem, but everything appears to be set correctly. On the Windows 98 PCs Browse Master is set to Automatic, and LM Announce is set to NO. I have tried changing each of the setting to various combinations with no success.

Help Please !!

1. RE: Computers Disappear from Network Neighborhood on Win98 PCs
lbyard Jan-04-02 06:20 PM
In response to message 0
Assuming that the server is on all of the time, it should be the Browse Master and the other computers should automatically determine that it is. I would try disabling the Browse Master on all of the computers except the server (they are all set to automatic on my network with an NT server, one Me, two 2000 Pro, and one 98 computers, plus customer computers of all flavors, and I have no Browse Master problems, and very rarely any day-to-day network problems) and make sure all operating systems have all updates/service packs installed. You could have flaky cables in the network. I would troubleshoot one computer at a time, starting at the hardware level. The LEDs on the hub/switch and network adapters are very useful in that endeavor. Larry

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