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Easy Clone or Shareview
cfung07 Jul-28-00 04:02 PM
Have you ever heard of a program called "Easy Clone," name for Europe, or "Shareview," name for U.S.? It is a some kind of networking thing which you only use one computer for two separte operations. That is, you could share things and go online within one computer. If you have never heard of it, it's OK. But if so, I need your advice on how could you possibly get two monitors plugged into one computer?

1. RE: Easy Clone or Shareview
lbyard Jul-29-00 01:58 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Jul-29-00 AT 01:59 PM (GMT)

Not until now. If all you want to do is plug two monitors into a computer (not two keyboards), Windows 98 supports more than one display adapter. All you need is another display adpater card and monitor. Or, you can buy a display adapter capable of supporting two monitors such as the Matrox Millennium G400 (http://www.matrox.com/mga/products/mill_g400/home.htm). Larry

2. RE: Easy Clone or Shareview
cfung07 Jul-29-00 03:08 PM
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But can Matrox video card separate two entirely different operation by itself, I mean without using Shareview?

BTW, you may go to www.tigerdirect.com and type in search word "shareview" to know more about it.

3. RE: Easy Clone or Shareview
lbyard Jul-29-00 04:48 PM
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You can find the answer in Windows 98 by clicking Help, Contents, Introducing Windows 98, What’s New in Windows 98, Multiple Display Support.
For more info on Matrox dual displays see: http://www.matrox.com/mga/products/mill_g400/applications/dh_multi.htm
I previously looked at both of those products at the following links:

4. RE: Easy Clone or Shareview
lbyard Jul-29-00 04:52 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Jul-29-00 AT 04:53 PM (GMT)

Guess I should add that I have set-up a computer Win 98 with two display adapters for a customer and it does work. Bear-in-mind that another adapter usually means another IRQ to contend with. Larry

5. RE: Easy Clone or Shareview
cfung07 Jul-29-00 05:02 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Jul-29-00 AT 05:06 PM (GMT)

Sorry about being a slow learner, but are you saying that I do not need Shareview in order to make it work?

As I was reading the product description from the link that you gave me, I found out that a video card is included in the package. So I do not need Matrox video card after all, do I?

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