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smc 7004 br + intel 8-port fast hub??
Pash Jan-25-02 11:31 PM
Hi, i have a little problem.

Im runing a dsl sharing network with the smc 7004, every computer is connected with a patch cable and everything is working fine.

but now i got an new computer and i want to connect this one and the other computer with an hub (cause there are not in the same room as the router and i only used one cable!) on the router.

for a while the connection works fine but after a while she dies and i cant connect to the internet anymore.

So, can't i use a hub on the SMC 7004??

What should i do?

PS: Sorry for my bad english!


1. RE: smc 7004 br + intel 8-port fast hub??
lbyard Jan-26-02 07:29 PM
In response to message 0
The SMC4000BR does indeed work with cascaded hubs and switches. I’ve done it. I would be troubleshooting cables to start with. What do the LEDs tell you? After it “dies” try opening a DOS window and…
Connect to the SMC router with, determine the MODEM IP address and ping it….

2. RE: smc 7004 br + intel 8-port fast hub??
Pash Jan-26-02 08:27 PM
In response to message 1
Thanx, i found the problem.
The intel hub was the problem, today i used another hub and it works!

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