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Always dialing out
kiwi168N Jan-27-02 07:10 AM
ICS. Win98SE. two machines on the network via a hub.

The machine with the modem (internal mother board modem) is always dialling the ISP even if none of the machines have netscape or its e-mail program active or open.

I can not find what is causeing the machine to dial out all the time or what sets it off.

Is there any software availabel that I ca use to monitor the systems acrtivity to see if one can find what is causeing the model to always dial out.

For example. I closed Netscape prgrams down. Went to the modem computer cancelled the connection to the ISP. Withing the next 30 sec to 1 minute the computer had connected to the ISP again.
Cloes the connection from the Dial up icon and thenagain after 30 sec to 1 miute it has reconnected.

Any ideas.


1. RE: Always dialing out
petr0lb0mb Jan-28-02 01:05 PM
In response to message 0
I had this problem years ago.

I think your problem can be fixed by turning off the option "Enable offline items to be synchronized on a schedule".

The easiest way to do so is to open Internet Explorer (not Nutscrape), and click TOOLS (on top), then INTERNET OPTIONS, click the ADVANCED tab, and finally uncheck the box next to "Enable offline items to be synchronized on a schedule". Click OK.

Do this on any and all computers sharing the modem to dial out.

2. RE: Always dialing out
JRP-TSR Jan-28-02 01:46 PM
In response to message 1
I had this problem and finally discovered it the virus detection software on the non-modem machine. It was trying to connect to the internet to search for updates. Take a look at the programs that start up when you boot the machines. One of them is probably trying to access the internet.

3. RE: Always dialing out
lbyard Jan-28-02 05:26 PM
In response to message 2
Active desktop? Also, check the Control Panel, Internet Options, connections and select Never dial a connection and Start, Run, enter msconfig and look in win.ini, Windows and Startup programs for programs that may be doing it. There are quite a few posts in these forums about this sort of problem and possible causes. Larry

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