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Networking Windows XP & 98 2nd. Edition
barny Jan-30-02 06:08 AM
I have a Dell 8100 Notebook Computer running Windows XP Professional Edition and a Dell 4100 Desktop Computer running Windows 98 2nd. Edition.Both Computers are already connected together to the Internet through a 4-port hub(Netgear EN104) and a cable modem(Surfboard-SB-4100). This part of the system works perfect. I would like to network the two computers together now, so I can file and printer share. There is only 1 NIC card installed on each computer. Do you have a guide as to what I need to do this? Do I need to add another NIC card in each computer and connect the two with a crossover cable, or will a router do the same thing with just 1 NIC card installed in each computer?Can you recommend a Brand and model of Router, if I need one? Do you have a guide as to how to configure the computers to SEE each other for whichever type of connection I need to use?
Thankyou for any help you can give

1. RE: Networking Windows XP & 98 2nd. Edition
lbyard Jan-30-02 04:11 PM
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Plus many more in our How tos, FAQs, and this forum. Larry

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