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multi-web sites thru one IP address from ISP provider
tedg Feb-01-02 02:35 AM
I have IIS 5.0 on my pc (windows 2000 server)
from mt ISP provider - i have a static IP address. Question is - if i create multi web sites on my server - how is IIS going to handle
multi- ip addresses for each web site on my server? AM i wrong - my pc has only one IP address - yet my server will host multi-sites - each sites must have its own Ip address -right?
who assigns the different IP addresses?DO i have to configure DCHP server up and DNS to handle that problem?

1. RE: multi-web sites thru one IP address from ISP provider
lbyard Feb-01-02 06:39 PM
In response to message 0
Each virtual web server should have itís own static IP address each should be associated with registered domain name if it is to be accessed from the Internet. Your service provider assigns them and there is usually a monthly fee for each of them. Also, most service providers will not permit web servers accessible from the Internet on normal connections. If the web servers are to accessed only from a local network than private (http://duxcw.com/faq/network/privip.htm), static IP addresses and unregistered names can be assigned. Larry

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