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networking/internet a 2000 and 98 together
ebureb Feb-09-02 07:02 PM
LAST EDITED ON Feb-09-02 AT 07:03 PM (GMT)

LAST EDITED ON Feb-09-02 AT 07:03 PM (GMT)

i found a post that was written by you on networking a 2000 machine host
with a 98se guest. right now im using netbeui for both of my 98se machines and connecting through sygate internet sharing program.

Now im changing O/S to win 2000 pro and want to network the host as 2000 instead of 98se. How would you go

the 98se machines working together was easy...but 2000 dosent show netbeui as a
protocol or much else to that matter.

if it helps im running a basic configuraton of a network card in each comp and a hub.
thanks for any help.


1. solution to problem
ebureb Feb-10-02 05:04 PM
In response to message 0
well i now have the 2000 and 98se machine working flawlessly.. just think...windows 2000 on a packardbell legend supreme with a 6 and 8 gig drive cd burner cd rom and 300 sumthin megs of ram..aaaannndddddddddd win tv and other godies.....they said it couldnt be done

now they are both talking and having a good time together.
now if i could judt get rid of the password deal with windows 2000
i want to thank all for their help i appreciate it especially larry

2. RE: solution to problem
lbyard Feb-11-02 05:39 PM
In response to message 1
Iv'e got 2K Pro running a with 6.4 gig drive, 64 MBytes, and a 300 Mhz K6-2. Password deal: http://duxcw.com/faq/win/2kautolog.htm. Larry

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