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Home LAN, win98 and w2k
PelleJ Feb-11-02 04:02 PM
I have a home LAN with one w2k and two w98 computers. The w2k is connected to the LAN via one NIC and to ADSL-modem via another NIC, all through a hub which also connects with the two w98 machines. The problem is that the w2k is configured to my company's LAN and to log on to that domain and I donīt like to change that in order to be able to connect from home. I've tried to configure the w98:s workgroup names to be the same as the domain, but it doesn't work. Is the solution to create accounts for the two w98 on the
w2k? I have my doubts that alone will help. Any suggestions are welcome!


1. RE: Home LAN, win98 and w2k
lbyard Feb-11-02 05:44 PM
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http://duxcw.com/faq/network/netsel.htm. I understand it can also be done with profiles. Larry

2. RE: Home LAN, win98 and w2k
allan8989 Feb-11-02 06:27 PM
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First that w2k is server or professional? 2nd did u set up right subnetting to those 2 win98? let me knowm i'll help u out.

>I have a home LAN with
>one w2k and two w98
>computers. The w2k is connected
>to the LAN via one
>NIC and to ADSL-modem via
>another NIC, all through a
>hub which also connects with
>the two w98 machines. The
>problem is that the w2k
>is configured to my company's
>LAN and to log on
>to that domain and I
>donīt like to change that
>in order to be able
>to connect from home. I've
>tried to configure the w98:s
>workgroup names to be the
>same as the domain, but
>it doesn't work. Is the
>solution to create accounts for
>the two w98 on the
>w2k? I have my doubts that
>alone will help. Any suggestions
>are welcome!

4. RE: Home LAN, win98 and w2k
PelleJ Feb-12-02 12:40 PM
In response to message 2
Hi again,

I checked out NetSelect site but unfortunately it only worked with w9x.

It's a w2k pro, not a server.
If you by subnetting mean set up of ip addresses and subnet mask, I've done that.
I'm able to ping the w98:s but not to connect them as a share (map network drive).

I also created accounts for w98 machines on the w2k machine.

One thing that puzzles me; when I log on to w2k I log on to "masterdomain", but when I look at network properties it says I belong to "resourcedomain". Which one should I assaign as "workgroup" on the w98 machines?


5. RE: Home LAN, win98 and w2k
lbyard Feb-12-02 05:39 PM
In response to message 4
Last updated: 2/12/2002
Q. How can I set-up a computer with more than one network configuration so it can be conveniently used on multiple networks?
A.  Check out Netselect (http://members.home.net/gbenton/software/NetSelect/),. I have looked briefly at it, but have not had time to really try it out. Presently, Netslect only works with Windows 9x/Me. Another product, MultiNetwork Manager, (http://www.globesoft.com/Common/frm_products.html), works with Windows NT, 2000, and XP. A limited set of configurations can be done with hardware profiles:

6. RE: Home LAN, win98 and w2k
allan8989 Feb-13-02 09:20 PM
In response to message 4
it seems your connection is ok just some setting not right. you can't log on your 2 win98 to that w2k prof., think about it - if you can, then what's the difference between win 2k prof & server & why bill gates sells those at different prices? ok if i'm right: 1) you want to keep w2k log on to your office server & 2 win98 log on to that server, too; 2) you want to surf the internet thru those 2 win98s, right? ok, if you are sure your subnetting is ok, then you need an internet sharing software like proxy server something or use the win2k's. check this http://www.analogx.com, try this proxy application which is easy to set, good luck.

7. RE: Home LAN, win98 and w2k
ManoCooper Feb-14-02 07:08 PM
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Intstead of loggong into the Domain try logging onto the PC. at the log on screen it should have a drop down box for domain and there should be a second choice which is your PC name. Log onto this and try to set the network properties to connect to your w98 work group.

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