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Windows 2000 & Administrator & User Files
derob Feb-12-02 09:28 PM
I have now fixed the SHARING deal with Win98SE and Win2K, thanks to Larry and Mac. NowI need to know the following:

The Win2K computer is only linked to one other in the office and there is NO security risk whatsoever. Is is possible to have the Computer WIDE OPEN with everything assigned to Administrator as the only user, and no other users. It will save a lot of messing about with different users seeing different stuff and the customer is getting confused with different users etc.

If I can just log on as administrator and have no other users, can I just transfer the current users files to the My Documnets folder of Administrator so they can be seen by the Win 98SE machine as well. Hopefully I can then just set up a new user of administrator on the Win98SE machine and they see each other.

Does this make sense. Or will I have to reinstall certain programs again under administrator.


David Roberts

1. RE: Windows 2000 & Administrator & User Files
lbyard Feb-12-02 10:44 PM
In response to message 0
I believe all you have to do is give guest et al full administrative privileges. Larry

2. RE: Windows 2000 & Administrator & User Files
derob Feb-13-02 12:31 PM
In response to message 1
Thanks Larry. Could you elaborate just a ittle for me as this is the bit I don't understand too much.

I was hoping to get rid of all the users and just use the Administrator for this particular computer, as there IS only one user. Is this logical?

Or if not, is there some way that I could install programs and files etc., so that ALL USERS could see and use them on the Win2K machine.

Sorry guys, but this should probably have moved to the Win2k forum now.

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