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Config 2 NIC cards, Router & Server
Fern Feb-16-02 02:46 AM
I have just installed Sm Bus Server. I currently have peer to peer with gateway on the server. The new server has 2 NIC cards. How do I config the DSL router and server and 2 cards so that the server is the gateway? It is a small network of 6 machines but we needed the backup ability. I understand that 1 card should be for the intranet and the other should be for the internet. What should I use for the IP addresses when the gateway is Any ideas?
Thanks in advance.

1. RE: Config 2 NIC cards, Router & Server
lbyard Feb-17-02 07:16 PM
In response to message 0
E-Mails received with more info…

“’Sm bus server’ is MS Small Business Server...”

“The router is a Linksys BEFSR41. DSL Modem is a Lucent Pipeline 50-1UBRI-ASA. Server is the Dell 1400 SC, Pentium III, 1.2 gHz, 3 36 gig hard drives, PERC RAID 5. There are 6 machines on the network.”

Please explain why the Windows 2000 server is a gateway to the Internet when you have a router. Normally, unless you have a VPN server, etc. running, one would use the router as the gateway/firewall. That is, connect the router between the DSL MODEM and hang everything else off from it, including any hubs or switches for the local network (I presume you have a hub or switch connecting together those 6 PCs/server(s?)). The server should go directly to the router. I would pull one of the network adapters in the server, as it is not needed. All PCs and the server should obtain their IP addresses automatically from the router. You may need some static IP addresses for web, etc. servers. The router will have to be configured to accommodate them, and the Linksys router can do it. Larry

2. RE: Config 2 NIC cards, Router & Server
Fern Feb-18-02 05:00 PM
In response to message 1
The book that comes with Win2000 server said to set it up as the gateway. I thought the router should be the gateway also. I spoke with Linksys this morning and they said as you did that the router is the gateway and firewall and that Win 2000K server acts as a firewall when ISA is installed. We have 2 NIC cards because Dell sold the system that way saying that info would get to the server faster with 2 cards and that to use Exchange we needed to have 1 card setup as gateway and the other setup for intranet addresses. Thanks again for your help. Fern

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