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802.11b Wireless Networking
cml Mar-09-02 09:40 PM
> I have not done wireless yet. I (Larry) would very much appreciate some input and experiences from other readers who have done it. Larry

I recently tried out some 802.11b products. I needed to network and share my desktop computer and internet connection with my laptop - and wires were one thing I did not desire on the laptop.

First, I tried out the Linksys WPC11 PC Card and WUSB11 USB module. After pulling my hair out with Linksys tech support the tech told me that those two models were incompatible with each other. I quickly returned them.

After that, I tried out the Compaq iPAQ HNW-100 PC Card and HNW-200 USB module. After pulling my hair out with tech support (again!), the network was working well. Part of the problem was that my new laptop runs XP (which has not saturated into installation CD's yet).

I had to set up ICS on the desktop myself - not a large feat (thanks Larry) due to the wireless network (in peer-to-peer mode) acts just like a cross-over cable and two NICs. Soon after I was able to surf the net on the couch. The network acts just like a hardwired one - I was able to share printers and files along with my cable internet connection.

Much to my surprise it has an amazing radius. I can surf anyplace in my house and almost anyplace in my yard (roughly 1/2 acre lot) and on the patio without taking a significant speed hit.

If you are in a situation like me (or dislike running ethernet cable), this is an efficient solution. Take a look!


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