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sound card driver preventing network connect
Alan Aug-08-00 08:28 PM
After weeks of trying to connect two PC's peer to peer (and several full windows re-installs) with little sucess I have discovered it is the sound card drivers preventing the two to talk to each other. VERY rarely the have worked unless I de-install the audio drivers, then everything is A-OK
3com etherlink isa (3c509b-tp)

irq 11
i/o range 0210-021f

creative sound blaster audio pci 64v

irq 05
i/o range b800-b83f

note: there are no hardware conflicts

has anyone had this prob, or can anyone help>>


1. RE: sound card driver preventing network connect
lbyard Aug-09-00 03:49 PM
In response to message 0
The SoundBlaster is probably using a second IRQ. Most sound cards use IRQ 5 and 10, but yours may be using 11 and conflicting with the network board. Do you see an exclamation mark next to either driver in the Device Manager, System Properties, Control Panel? You can get a list of used IRQs and port addresses in the Device Manager by double clicking the computer icon. Try Windows IRQ steering by enabling OS is PnP aware in the CMOS Setup. You need Windows 95 OSR2 or 98 to do that. Larry

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