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ME 2 ME networking
dar1 Mar-19-02 03:23 PM
I have a Dell PC running ME on a Novell network and I conect my Dell laptop to the network to update files. All was well until today. Then my laptop stoped seeing my pc and my pc can't see my laptop. But both can see a third computer on the network. I can send files by copying them to the third pc. I have looked at the network settings and all seems well. I have checked the domain names. I also can only see 2 or 3 computers on my pc or laptop of th 14 conected to the network. All users on the network have the same permissions and rights to all areas of the network

Can anyone give me some ideas as I have run dry my self

1. RE: ME 2 ME networking
lbyard Mar-19-02 03:38 PM
In response to message 0
Find a PC that is working OK and compare the settings, protocols, etc. Larry

2. RE: ME 2 ME networking
dar1 Mar-21-02 05:29 PM
In response to message 1
LAST EDITED ON Mar-21-02 AT 05:30 PM (EST)
Thanks for the reply but I tried that. I can see some computers from my desk top and some from my laptop. Both can see a 3rd on the network but the 3 can't see the 2 Its weard. Got any other sugestions

3. RE: ME 2 ME networking
lbyard Mar-22-02 12:10 PM
In response to message 2
Swap cables computer around. You may have a marginal cable. Larry

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