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Installing iMac on home network
dband64 Mar-29-02 01:34 PM
I have an SMC7004BR broadband router allows me to share my internet connection between a WIN NT, WIN98 and iMac. While I can file/print share between the Window boxes, I don't know how to configure my iMac so I can get access to files/printer on the Windows PCs.

Any ideas?

1. RE: Installing iMac on home network
lbyard Mar-29-02 02:43 PM
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No Apples here. We use computers... Just joking. I have used Macs and Lisas in the past. Try this: http://www.lowendmac.com/mac2win/01/1205.html. Larry

2. RE: Installing iMac on home network
dband64 Mar-31-02 04:06 PM
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Thank you.

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