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thlago Apr-27-02 10:58 AM
Now that I think I can make cables, I have to do some planning. I need to network 14 computers on the first floor and 14 computers on the second floor. It is about 300 feet from on end of the building to the other end. For the first floor, would it be better to have seven computers go into one switch and the other seven into another switch? Or would it be better to have all 14 computers go into one switch? What I want to know, which is better break them apart or have them go into a central switch. The second floor would be the same. Then one switch would go into a router. I guess I am concerned about bottle necks vs distance of cable. Right now, 90% of our stuff is on word perfect files (relatively small), but that might change. There are more possibilites when an office is networked.

Any suggestions would be helpfull

1. RE: Switches
lbyard Apr-27-02 01:59 PM
In response to message 0
I would have to have much more information… The work involved is beyond what we on this forum can reasonably provide considering our remote location. For a network this large and complex (the 300 foot specification is a problem), I would have to do a site survey, know much more about the requirements and equipment, and plans for future expansion, and I would have to charge for my time. Before proceeding, I would suggest that you seek help from a local professional. You will probably save money in the long run. Larry

2. RE: Switches
Twinhead Apr-27-02 03:15 PM
In response to message 0
LAST EDITED ON Apr-27-02 AT 03:36 PM (EST)
If costs does not matter, Get two switches with a FibreOptic module and put Glassfiber inbetween the Switches (No limits in length within your buildings with that).
If too expensive, Do the following:

First point of the network:
1 Switch, connected to 14 Computers, AND a 150 feet CROSSCABLE that goes to the middle of the way.
In the middle of the way:
1 (Cheap) switch, (A Hub or Repeater will suffice too) conected to the 150 Feet cable and AGAIN a 150 Feet CROSSCABLE.
The end:
1 Switch connected to the second 150 Feet cable and the other 14 computers.
If 150 Feet is longer than 100 Metric meters, Split the 300 Feet in equal pieces who are NOT longer than 100 Metric meters.
ALL the cables are made as Crosscables.

A switch has 24 (Or 12) RJ45 terminals.

All of the 14 PC's can goto a single Switch.
It does bring up unnecessairy costs to split the PC's into two groups.
(Four in your case)
Is there a Server in your future network, or will it be a workgroup?
(Does not matter, an 24-port Switch is sufficient at each end!)
In the Future, a Switch can easily be cascaded with another switch, and another, and so on.
The connection from one to another Switch is allways done by a crosscable.
This allows you to build it now and expand in the future.
Only the cables must be attended to.
(Not too long from Switch to Computer).
As there will be no official certified network, it is very easy to do.

But, if you insist on a certified network you'd better start planning things VERY well!
See in which officerooms will be a computer now or in the near future.
Count them in and contact a network engeneer to build your network.
count also 10% extra connections in at the switches!
If a port is damaged, you have a spare left.
A damaged port in a Switch is unrepairable.
(The unit must be replaced entirely)
Home made networks meight be working perfectly, But they will NEVER be certified!

As for the Switches and / or a Hub or Repeater, INSIST on a 10/100 Mb Baseline type.
The cables should be at least Cat5. (Cat5e or Cat6 is better, but more expensive)

Color Codec, American:
Straight Thru: (BOTH ENDS!)
White/green, Green, White/Orange, Blue, White/blue, Orange, White/Brown, Brown.

Cross: (ONE END, the other is as Straight Thru)
White/Orange, Orange, White/green, Blue, White/blue, Green, White/Brown, Brown.


3. RE: Switches
lbyard Apr-27-02 04:11 PM
In response to message 2
In the U.S. CAT 5e and 5 cost about the same. Larry

4. RE: Switches
Twinhead Apr-28-02 01:53 PM
In response to message 3
Funny, Here in Holland there is a difference in price between Cat5 and Cat5e.
Cat5e is more expensive.
Not much, (probably € 0.10 / Meter) but counting in significant lengths!

(€1.0 = $0.88)


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