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Printer sharing over the internet
BK Jun-07-02 10:44 AM
I have a small computer lab (10 machines) where I work. For this lab we have an internet connection but the machines are not connected to our LAN. Is there a way to share a printer hooked up to one of the lab computers with the rest of the lab computers through the internet connection? Thanks.

1. RE: Printer sharing over the internet
lbyard Jun-07-02 12:55 PM
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In other words, you want to make a local area network (LAN) using the Internet (or wide area network, WAN) to connect the computers together... It is probably possible, but also not practical and likely more expensive than other options. For one thing, the computer with the printer and the one that is to print to it must be connected to the Internet at the same time. Suggest purchasing the network adapters; hub, switch, or router (http://duxcw.com/faq/ics/diffrout.htm; and cables needed for a LAN. They are a lot cheaper than you may realize. Larry

2. Internet Printing
shadi Jun-07-02 08:30 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Jun-07-02 AT 08:38 PM (EDT)
You can print over th internet but you must meet the following requierments:

*The printer must be shared.
*The print server must be one of the following:

--A computer running Win_2000_server & microsoft IIS.
-- A computer running win2000pro and microsoft peer web services or win_xp

*Internet explorer 4.0 or later

to connect to a printer by using a web browser...
open the web browser then type http://server_name/printers then click the link for the printer that you want to connect to.
or you can connect to an internet printer by using the add printer wizard.......click start--->settings---->printers....then double click add printer------>next--click network printer---->click connect to a printer on the internet or on your intranet in the adress type http://server_name/printers/share_name/.printer


4. RE: Internet Printing
lbyard Jun-10-02 12:08 PM
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I believe I have also seen some third part products that will do it and may cost less. Suggest looking for them with a search engine. That would be okay for occasional printing from remote locations, but I do not think it is a practical solution locally. Also, there are/or were printer sharing devices that do not rely on network. One plugged the printer into one of these boxes and connected the PCs with parallel or serial cables. Believe some of them had multiple printer ports. If they are available, companies that carry a wide assortment of computer accessories should have them. And, of course, there are simple printer switches, but the transients they cause when switching between printers (if the computers and printers are on) can damage some printers, especially lasers, and use of them will void the warrantee on some makes/models. I would network them. Larry

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