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two pcs, a hub, two ips, cable modem
johnb Aug-20-00 00:05 AM
hi, i have two pcs running win98se, each one with one nic which has been provisioned by my cable modem isp. i have tested both nics on one computer and they work. however when i put one back into my old computer they do not work..i.e. they cannot communicate with anything else, another nic, hub or the cable modem. when installed in my old computer everything looks fine, drivers configuration and irq..the old computer was working fine with windows 95 in an ordinary network..however i wanted to share the internet connection and so i installed win98se to use ics..but ever since then i cannot get the old computer to communicate at all..and now i just want it to communicate so i can get this second ip to work on it..please help...and ideas? thanks

1. RE: two pcs, a hub, two ips, cable modem
lbyard Aug-21-00 02:54 PM
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Unless your ISP has assigned you more than one IP address (and you pay for it), you have to have two NICs in the PC that is to be the ICS host and a third one in the client (see daigram at http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/network/win98se_cab/intro.htm). Each and every Ethernet adapter in the world has a unique MAC address. Many cable companies marry the cable MODEM to a specific NICís MAC address. That is, unless programmed to recognize more than one NIC, the cable MODEM will work with only one NIC. I understand that many cable MODEMs can learn a new MAC address in the event that a NIC fails, but will work with only one NIC at a time. Larry

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