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Win 98
Medium_mac Jun-25-02 10:59 PM
I have one each: W2K Professional, XP Home, and Win98r2 PC's connected to an SMC7800BR "Barricade" router. The router in turn is connected to a cable modem.

I tested all cards and cables by hooking them up one at a time directly to the cable modem, and was able to surf the net.

It's been a long, hard, uphill battle (this is my first networking effort of any kind), but I can now get internet access through the router, via the cable modem for both the W2K and XP machine. I can also set up file shares between these two computers.

The WIN 98 machine is another story. I've read conflicting advice regarding what will work and what won't on that machine, but so far all I get is for it to "see" both the XP and W2K machine in Network Neighborhood... but when I try to click on those machines I get a variety of error messages (depending on which permutation of the IP protocol setup I'm trying at the moment).

Usually it says that I can't browse the network.

One other interesting fact is that the Win98 machine is defualting to the "169" IP address assignment. It can't see my router at all, even though when I connect directly from the Win98 machine to the cable modem, it gets DHCP assingments from the cable system just fine.

Any comments? Just what protocols and settings should I try on the Win98R2 machine? IPX/SPX? NetBios on IPX/SPX? TCP/IP? And which ones should I have "bound" to the File and Print Sharing service?

Sorry to be so long-winded, but I've spent probably 80 hours trying to get this to work. (I'm stubborn).

1. RE: Win 98
DJ Net2Infinity Jun-26-02 11:03 AM
In response to message 0
Get rid of every protocol except for TCP/IP, and bind File and Printer sharing to it. You are getting a "169" Ip address because your computer isnt obtaining one from your router, your router should be running DHCP to assign your machines IP addresses.

Look at:

2. RE: Win 98 DHCP problems with Barricade 7008BR
Medium_mac Jul-04-02 04:08 PM
In response to message 1
No matter what I try, I cannot get DHCP service from the Barricade 7008BR to work with a Win 98 R2 machine. The Win 98 R2 CAN get DHCP service directly from my cable TV head-end (if I bypass the router), but NOT from the Barricade. Also, when I bypass the router I can surf the net with the Win 98R2 machine... so cable and network card are fine.

Two other PCs (W2K and XP) are set up and working fine with the Barricade DHCP. Is there some trick I'm missing to get the Barricade to give my Win 98R2 DHCP service?

I'm aware that the "169" IP assignment means that I am not getting DHCP service. I've tried using just TCP/IP as suggested, and it does NOT work (despite all advice to the contrary).

One clue? When I DO get DHCP service from my cable head end (bypassing the router)... the "node type" on the Win 98R2 machine comes up as "peer-to-peer". When connected to the router, it comes up as "broadcast". I think this is just what happens when DHCP is . not working - so is probably a symptom, not a cause of my problem. Right?

Another complication? The Win 98R2 machine is an AMD K2-6... shouldn't matter... should it?


- medium_mac

3. RE: Win 98 DHCP problems with Barricade 7008BR
lbyard Jul-04-02 04:38 PM
In response to message 2
What is Win 98 R2, 98 SE? Let me assure you that when everything is done right a Windows 98 computer will work on a network with that router and Windows Me, 2000, NT server, XP Home, and XP Pro. I have done it.

>so cable and network card are fine.

Maybe. One difference between the 98 computer working directly with the MODEM and not with the SMC barricade is the speed of the connection. The router is 100 MHz, most cable MODEMs are 10 MHz. One way to quickly test the 98 computer is to Start, Run, enter winipcfg, select the network adapter, and release and renew the IP lease. You should see it change. Now if that works fine for the a connection to the cable MODEM, then it should work fine if the cable going to the router is plugged into a port on the router that one of your other computers is able to release and renew the IP lease. Would your hypotheses be correct if it canít? The winipcfg equivalent on XP and 2K is ipconfig. You can get the syntax for it by opening a DOS window and typing:

C:\>ipconfig /?

If it canít, swap cables/move computers.


4. Problem Solved (Win 98 & Barricade)
Medium_mac Jul-09-02 03:56 PM
In response to message 3

Just got around to reading your reply - THIS FIANLLY DID IT!

The problem indeed was the adapter/properties/advanced/ setting that specifies speed. The "Autosense" option did not work with the NetworkEverywhere (LinkSys) card for some reason. When I set it to 10MBPS, I started being able to see my router and get DHCP service from it.

Now... I hate to say it - but I still couldn't browse my other machines from the Win 98SE machine (yes... that is what I meant by "R2" earlier).

In order to browse I had to install IPX/SPX (and NetBios over IPX/SPX). I also made it the default protocol.

Now, however, EVERYTHING'S finally working - and I can claim (with your help) success in my first network installation!

Thanks a million!

- Steve

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