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10MBps instead of 100MBps
timbop37 Jun-27-02 08:09 AM
I have a desktop running XPpro and a laptop running 98se. They are connected with NIC's 10/100 by a crossover and rj-45 cable (cat5) It works perfect in all ways but only connects at 10MBps. XP pro is the host. I have forced both cards to 100 but the connection says "network cable unplugged". I've heard this is a known problem with XP but don't know what it is. I would appreciate any help. Thanks

1. RE: 10MBps instead of 100MBps
lbyard Jun-27-02 10:46 AM
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I don't know about he XP problem, but it is also a known problem when using marginal cables, especially custom crossover cables that are not made correctly or not made with the correct tools, plugs, or cable. Larry

2. RE: 10MBps instead of 100MBps
timbop37 Jul-02-02 08:10 AM
In response to message 1
I have tried several cat5 cables, from various shops, w/o success. I have got the latest drivers I can find for both NIC's. When forced to run at 100mbps full duplex the connection shows as "network cable unplugged". When changed to autosense it connects ok at 10mbps. ICS is enabled and working. Both cards are definitely 10/100. This is written on them and also is displayed in device manager. Sorry to bother you, Tim.

4. RE: 10MBps instead of 100MBps
lbyard Jul-02-02 02:13 PM
In response to message 2
Tim, how long is the cable? Also, there are other factors that can affect it (http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/network/cable/cable9.htm); although, it is less likely. Has someone actually tested (http://duxcw.com/faq/network/testnic.htm) those cables at 100 MHz. I test them when I make them. Please provide specifics on the network adapters. Once in while I run into a combination that won’t together at 100 MHz. Do you have any Novell drivers, etc. installed on the laptop? That question was prompted by a visit to Microsoft looking for the problem to which you referred in your first post…
Sometime ago I almost believed Microsoft’s propaganda about Windows XP and networking and was somewhat worried--I get a little “paranoid” about the idea that computer hardware and software may one day make computing so easy and foolproof that I’ll really have retire--about not having enough work to keep busy. I am no longer worried as this link will show: http://search.support.microsoft.com/search/nlsearch.aspx?Catalog=LCID%3d1033%26CDID%3dEN-US-KB%26PRODLISTSRC%3dON&Product=winxp&Query=network%2520speed&Queryc=network+speed&withinResults=false&srchstep=0&KeywordType=ALL&Titles=false&numDays=&maxResults=150. You may find something useful there. Larry

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