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Small Network Poll
trumpetr Jun-30-02 07:14 PM
Ok time for some opinionating....

What would all of you do for a small 8-10 person network,
file and internet sharing, able to be locked down, small amount of bookeeping, databasing, email, etc. (think chruch functions).

Having to reccomend something.

As always cost is an issue, lack of support/ease of use and administration is a BIG issue. (Read: I don't want to have to spend all of my time teaching someone how to attach a file, much less having to rebuild systems b/c of deleted files). Some kind of support contract will be the first thing on the budgetary chopping block, "why do we need something like that when we have people here that can do it for free"....

I was thinking XP clients (all new machines, possibly optiplex maybe homebuilt but then again there is the if it breaks who fixes possibility) minimal guts in the machines, small HD for system, 128 mem, basic video, sound (probablly onboard).

2000 server for file/printer/database serving, possible proxing of web content for security/firewall. Not sure on approprate specs without overkill (P4 512 meg, 2-80 gigs HD, tape backup, cd burner. Email and web hosting all outsorced so no issue there. Internet connectivity via cable modem and small router/hub(s) (would a small linksys work here?).

Am I thinking too big, should I just set it up as peer to peer, with some system policys etc.

Also antivirus/firewall security is needed to protect network.

Trying to wrap my brain around the specs I should be shooting for without getting into my "while I would do this in an ideal situation" unfortunatally the costs kill most of that.



1. RE: Small Network Poll
lbyard Jul-01-02 10:04 AM
In response to message 0
If you have an 8-10 person network with accounting you probably need a server, or you are going to have problems. I would use a router and maybe a switch to expand it. The router should do the firewall function.

Here we go again... 'Do it, service is not a problem. Weíll take care of it ourselves...' It is going to be THE problem and you will be giving away a lot of your time fixing things, not matter who supplies what. You are not going to make money on the hardware, etc. You are going to lose money if you donít charge for the only thing you can make money on in this business: labor and support (local knowledge). And have an understanding about that with your customer. If they donít want to pay for it, you will be better off not doing it. Larry

2. RE: Small Network Poll
trumpetr Jul-01-02 11:09 AM
In response to message 1
Trust me I totally understand the support issue, unfortuatally none of this is not a "money maker" for me. I end up being the person they call as a member and that as you already said becomes the problem.

3. RE: Small Network Poll
lbyard Jul-01-02 01:08 PM
In response to message 2
Oh, you're one of those volunteers. Shining lights... Everyone joins and has ideas, and you do the work things... Larry

4. RE: Small Network Poll
trumpetr Jul-01-02 05:29 PM
In response to message 3

Them: "we should do this", "how about this" "I heard this was the next great thing"

ME:"are you going to pay for it to do it right?"

Them: "NO, we can't afford that but we have to figure out a way to do it since it's really neato!"

ME:"who is going to support it".....

THEM:"You are, you do this kind of stuff for work right?"

Sigh........at least I get paid at work.


5. RE: Small Network Poll
lbyard Jul-02-02 02:01 AM
In response to message 4
I hide in my 2-car garage (office/shop). Larry

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