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Making cable end....
grumpyguy Jul-05-02 10:34 AM
I've looked at the web site after I did all my terminations on my network cables (of course!) I noticed that the layout of the RJ45 on the website is different than mine, what I don't understand why it works?
This is what I did...
I basically copied the pin layout of a cable that came with my hub.
Ran all my cable to the proper locations made up the ends exactly like the patch cable and each machine end print server are accessible.
My pin layout is (based on looking at the RJ45 with the clip down just like the picture on the webpage)

1 brown
2 white/brown
3 green
4 white/green
5 blue
6 white/blue
7 orange
8 white/orange

Why does my system work?????
I have two machines (one running Win95, and the other one Win 98SE and print server hooked up to a D-link 904 hub that is also connected to a D-Link 704 router (via the uplink port of the hub) that has also two machines(both have Win98 installed) and a print server. I can transfer files and print from any point in the house. What would happen if I did the connection the way that are supposed to be?
But my main concern is how come my system works if I didn't follow the proper colour code.....hmmm?

2. RE: Making cable end....
lbyard Jul-05-02 02:18 PM
In response to message 0
>Why does my system work?????
Does it work? Do the LEDs indicate 100 MHz operation? How fast can you transmit 100 MBytes between two computers (http://duxcw.com/faq/network/catest.htm). Look at http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/network/cable/cable5.htm. With your wiring scheme the wires connecting pins 3 and 6 are not from the same pair of wires. The result is more noise in those wires and described in http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/network/cable/cable4.htm. More noise means more data corruption, the necessity to retransmit packets, and a slower and less reliable network. In many case the network won’t work at all. As the wires get longer the problems worsen. Larry

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