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Networking Win 2K and Mac
jgnasser Jul-09-02 06:09 AM
I have this Peer-to-Peer network with a mixture of Win 2K, 98, Me. I would like to include a Mac iBook running Mac OS9. I have never used a Mac Before. I have located the ethernet and that's about it. I specifically want the Mac clients to read shared files on the Win 2K computers. Do I need any extra software on the Win 2K? Can someone point me to a good starting place for how to implement this?

1. RE: Networking Win 2K and Mac
bufori Jul-09-02 05:26 PM
In response to message 0
use pc maclan on your pcs (http://www.miramar.com) and should be ok. Or PC-Mc-share (http://www.lavasoftware.com), Or dave (http://www.thursby.com)

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