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Network Printing Win 98 and Win 2K
jgnasser Jul-15-02 01:48 PM
I have a HP 1125 connected to a Win 2K Pro machine and shared. I have installed the printer on a Win 98 client and it simply wont print. Its giving access code error. The printer is shared whi appropriate permission to the Win 98 client. This is a peer-to-peer network. Everything else about file sharing between the two computers works. I thought I could install additional drivers for Win 98 on the Win 2K computer but apparently its asking for a Windows 2000 server CD! Please anyone help.

1. RE: Network Printing Win 98 and Win 2K
lbyard Jul-15-02 05:58 PM
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I believe it has to have drivers installed on each computer corresponding to the version of Windows on that computer. I would feed it the win 2K CD and see what happens. If that did not work, I would check HP's web site for driver updates. Larry

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