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Help, please - Can't access Internet through router w/XP
QueenIdella Jul-22-02 04:40 PM
I'm running a Mac/PC home network
through an Xsense router using DSL. I
have a fixed IP w/DSL and am using
DHCP. I have 4 Macs and another XP
computer on the network - they all work
fine. I'm using a PCI card Ethernet card.
When I try to repair the LAN connection, it
The following steps of the repair
operation failed:
renewing the IP address -

What am I missing? XP says that the card is connected and working.


Intel mobo - D845EBG2
Intel P4 1.8a
Antec Workstation Tower case
Lite-On CDRW
Western Digital 100GB HD
Visiontek Xtasy GeForce2 AGP video card
Echo Mia sound card
2 512 PC2400 OCZ DDR RAM
Teac floppy drive
Realtek Ethernet card
Windows XP

TIA, Alicia Morgan

1. RE: Help, please - Can't access Internet through router w/XP
lbyard Jul-22-02 06:12 PM
In response to message 0
>What am I missing?

The XP firewall. Larry

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