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flowergrl Jul-23-02 10:03 PM
I need to describe Repeaters, Hubs, Bridges, Switches, and Routers. One problem I have no idea what they are. This is for the same school assignment as the other question that I posted. Networking is almost a foreign concept to me. Any help would be very appreciated.

1. RE: Devices
lbyard Jul-24-02 03:52 AM
In response to message 0
Here’s some of it:


Here’s some more:


I believe your assignment is not asking for what is a router as described above for a broadband router. A broadband router is not the same as the routers used to route packets in the Internet, etc. although they do have some similarities. I would suggest continuing your search on this subject at Cisco Systems and http://wwwhost.ots.utexas.edu/ethernet/ethernet-home.html. Of course, there is always the the library. Larry

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