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decimal & binary conversion
flowergrl Aug-07-02 09:49 PM
I need to know how to convert between decimal and binary. Is there a web page that can teach me how to do so?

1. RE: decimal & binary conversion
trumpetr Aug-07-02 11:47 PM
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also windows calculator, choose view, scientific, check the dec radio button to input decimal, bin to input binary, input your number, then click the other radio button (dec or bin) and volia it's converted

2. RE: decimal & binary conversion
lbyard Aug-08-02 01:08 AM
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I think flowergrl needs to no how to do it manually. Any basic 101 digital/logic circuit book should have it. E.g.:

Paul M. Chirlan, Analysis and Design of Digital Circuits and Computer Systems, Matrix Publishers, Champaign, IL, 1976


6. RE: decimal & binary conversion
lbyard Aug-08-02 02:12 AM
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I haven't time to determine if it is as good as some of the books, but just search google with "binary-coded decimal" (that's what it's called). You'll find plenty of stuff. Larry

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