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lan problem
subirsil Aug-27-00 11:12 AM
Dear Sir,

I bought two 10 mbps DAX PnP Ethernet card. I install it. but I cannot login to the Intranet. I have two pc one is a PII333,32MB,4GB, Win98 and other is P120,24MB,1GB, Win95. I use bnc cable (specially used to cable tv connection) to connect my pcs .

I install client for Microsoft network, Tcp-ip, Netbeui, Dialup Adapter, Ethernet adapter, Microsoft file sharing service in both the pc.

I configure the WIN98 pc as follows:-

IP - and subnet mask
Identify the pc as P2
Workgroup as - icon

I configure the WIN95 pc as follows:-

IP - and subnet mask
Identify the pc as P1
Workgroup as - icon

I share the C drive in both the pc.

I found P1 and P2 icon in the network neighborhood in both the pc but I cant connect the other pc, when I double click the other pc icon it gives the following error message

' \\ p1 is not accessible the computer or sharename could not be found, make sure you typed it correctly and try again'

Please inform me in detail about the pc configuring and what the other things I have to do or I am ignoring.

I notice one thing that my Ethernet card LED is not glow when the cable is plugged, it glows when I unplugged the cable. But when I ran the setup disk diagnostic software - it shows that the card is working (the initiator and responder program)

If you kindly help me and advice how can I connect my pcs and also share my internet
connection - I will be very happy.


1. RE: lan problem
AmeRic@n fRe@k Aug-28-00 04:16 AM
In response to message 0
LAST EDITED ON Aug-28-00 AT 04:25 AM (GMT)

first off...tv cable?? I belive you are trying to use what is is called T-base. It looks like tv cable. You need to get the correct type of cable, two T connectors(that should have come with your net cards) and two terminators(looks like a cap).
This will allow your two computers to connect to each other. If you have a big plug-in looking thing, like a big phone jack (USA) then use that instead. it is much easier and more common.
go to this site and i belive all your question will be answered.

2. RE: lan problem
lbyard Aug-28-00 01:28 PM
In response to message 1
I now see that original was posted twice and that each was answered by differnet people, so I will leave both of them in the Forum. Larry

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