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win95 logon
atv Aug-29-00 01:53 PM
I have two pcs linked with a crossover cable and NICs. The first pc is using the original release of win95 the second pc is using win95 ver C. When I boot the first pc the network logon appears, this is OK. When I boot the second pc, I do not get the network logon. Trying to access the first pc gives me the error that the second pc is not logged on to a network. I then have to use the start>shutdown>logon as new user method to log the second pc to the network. Does any one have any suggestions on how I can get the network logon to appear at boot time?

1. RE: win95 logon
dongta77 Aug-29-00 02:56 PM
In response to message 0
did you install Client for Microsoft Network on the second pc??

2. RE: win95 logon
lbyard Aug-29-00 04:43 PM
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LAST EDITED ON Aug-29-00 AT 04:44 PM (GMT)

Try dongta77's suggestion first. If that doesn't work... this question has been asked several times in this Forum and I have just put his suggestion and all of the other answers/steps together and posted them in our Networking FAQs (http://duxcw.com/faq/network/network.htm). Larry

3. RE: win95 logon
atv Aug-30-00 00:57 AM
In response to message 2
Thanks for the info. I had to remove the autologon from the regisry in order to make it work.

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