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10-base-2 vs. 10-base-T
theox Aug-30-00 12:41 PM
I've read the "how-to" guide on networking two computers at home.
I have combo cards on both of my computers, so I guess I have the option of using either a 10-base-T cable or a 10-base-2. Which is better, if any difference is present?
I already have a coax cable handy; is it necessary to make it a crossover cable, or am I alright just pluging the cable in as it is?

1. RE: 10-base-2 vs. 10-base-T
lbyard Aug-30-00 05:16 PM
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Trash the cable! Buy or make (http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/network/cable/cable1.htm) a crossover cable. You will be much better off with a CAT 5 or 5E cable. Unless you have a lot experience making coax cables and use the correct cable, connectors, and tools and avoid playing "musical chairs" (moving stuff around a lot), the network cabling will be simpler and more reliable with twisted-pair cable and RJ-45 connectors. You will also be able to upgrade the network to 100BASE-T with new adapters in the future. In particular, if you play games, 100BASE-T is what you will eventually want. See our Networking FAQs for more info on coax cables. Larry

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