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TCP/IP set up
JAnderson Sep-05-00 02:15 AM
I am trying to share my new Cable modem over my LAN with my other computer. My LAN has worked fine for a year. In following the Sygate setup pages, I find difficulty in getting the TCP/IP working properly.
Server uses Win95b
Client uses Win 98
Server running Zone Alarm firewall
Server can ping www.Sygate.com, but not Client.
Client can not ping Server.
In sygate Manager, Client "sees" both computers and lists their TCP/IP setting etc.
In sygate Manager,Server only "sees" itself, not the client machine.
The LAN continues to show both computers when double clicking Network Neighborhood.
The Sygate Diagnotic program appears to think that all is well on Client.
Sygate Diagnostic says TCP/IP is fine on Lan when run on Server, but says "checking TCP/IP...."on NIC used by Cable modem.
I have removed and added TCP/IP to both LAN cards
but have not done so to card used by Cable modem, since Sygate pages indicate not to mess with a working Cable modem card.
I emailed Sygate last week but as of yet, no response.
Thank you

1. RE: TCP/IP set up
lbyard Sep-05-00 04:31 AM
In response to message 0
If you are using dynamic IP addresses (default), try running (Start, Run) winipcfg, select the adapter, and release and renew the lease of the IP address from SyGate's DHCP server. If you are using static IP addresses, disable SyGATe's DHCP server. Also, I would temporarily remove the firewall in case that is causing the problem. SyGate acts as a firewall. Larry

2. RE: TCP/IP set up
JAnderson Sep-05-00 05:19 AM
In response to message 1
Thank you very much for your response.
In trying both of the sugestions, my situation remains the same. I released and renewed "all" leases. (Is this just a matter of clicking on the "release" and "renew" buttons in turn? Then I disabled Sygates DHCP server amd removed my Zone Alarm firewall

Dont I need to get both my computers able to successfully Ping each other to verify TCP\IP is configured correctly?. They are unable to successfully ping each other, although the Server is able to ping www.sygate.com. The Sygate diagnostic program indicates the TCP\IP "passes" on the LAN card in both computers. But yet...no ping between them!
Thank you

3. RE: TCP/IP set up
lbyard Sep-05-00 05:39 AM
In response to message 2
Yes, you must be able to ping the host from the client. Is the net mask set to on the LAN adapters for both computers? Can you ping (host) from the client? Can the client ping Can it ping duxcw.com? If it can ping and not duxcw.com, you have a DNS problem. is duxcw.com. I am calling it a night. 1:34 AM here. Larry

4. RE: TCP/IP set up
JAnderson Sep-06-00 02:07 AM
In response to message 3
Hi Larry,

Yes, the net mask is set to
Pinging from the Client:
unable to ping
yes, able to ping
no, unable to ping duxcw.com

Pinging from the Server:
Unable to ping
yes, able to ping
yes, able to ping duxcw.com

The complete listing of both computers network settings are as follows:

***Server network settings:***
Specified IP Address
Subnet mask
WINS Disable WINS Resolution
Gateway (no entry has been made)
DNS Disable DNS
Bindings x Client for Microsoft Networks
x File and Printer sharing

Advanced x Set this protocal to be default

***Client network settings:***
Specified IP Address
Subnet mask
WINS Disable WINS Resolution
DNS Disable DNS (I have also tried it Enabled)
Bindings x Client for Microsoft Networks
x File and Printer sharing
o Microsoft Family Logon

Advanced x Set this Protocal to be default

Thank you Jim

5. RE: TCP/IP set up
lbyard Sep-06-00 05:44 AM
In response to message 4
The client DNS should be enabled and set to Looks like you are using static IPs. If so, disable the DHCP server in SyGate. You may want to set-up host tables per C:/windows/hosts.sam (sam = sample file). I would get rid of the Family Logon. What are the computer network names? If the names are numbers change them so they are not. Larry

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