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nt server
steveleon Sep-05-00 05:04 PM
i'm trying to delete an ntfs partition that is causing my system not to boot, I have the 3 boot disks, but i can't seem to get into my system with just those 3 disks? i don't need an erd, my system and registry files ok, i just need to delete a partition

any help would be appreciated

1. RE: nt server
lbyard Sep-05-00 06:06 PM
In response to message 0
All you need is a floppy that will boot (DOS 6.22, Windows 9x, NT, etc.) and any flavor of fdisk. Windows 9X boot floppies are easier to make than NT boot floppies (if you need an NT boot floppy, come back and Iíll tell you how). If you have a Windows 9X machine, make a boot floppy with the Windows Explorer (right click the floppy drive, Format, copy the systems files check box checked). Then copy fdisk.exe from C:\windows\command\ to the floppy. Boot to the floppy on the NT computer and use fdisk to remove the partition. You may also want to use A:\>fdisk /mbr to restore the manufacture's boot record on the hard disk boot track. Larry

2. RE: nt server
steveleon Sep-05-00 06:26 PM
In response to message 1
thank you very much

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