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Win98/Win98SE Simple Network.
Nim Sep-07-00 01:18 AM
Please forgive my ignorance, but I've never set up a network before...

Here's my problem. I have one computer with win98 and another with 98SE. Both computers have these network cards called "D-Link 32-bit Ethernet PCI Adapter"s. Both the network cards are set up right (but they're on different irq's. The normal 98's is on 11, and the 98SE's is on 12). Anyhow, they won't recognize eachother over the network. I have file and print sharing access enabled on both.

Ultimately, I want the normal 98 box to share it's internet connection with the 98SE one. But that comes later, right now I just wanna get 'em to see eachother!

Here's some info;
On the Normal 98 Computer, here's the protocols installed;

1. IPX/SPX-compatible protocol D-Link DE-528 Ethernet PCI Adapter
2. NetBEUI -> D-Link DE-528 Ethernet PCI Adapter
3. TCP/IP -> D-Link DE-528 Ethernet PCI Adapter
4. TCP/IP -> Dial-Up Adapter
5. Some TCP/IP PPPoE protocol thing for my DSL
6. a TCP/IP protocol for my DSL Network card.
7. TCP/IP TV data adapter (I think this is for my voodoo3 3500)

On the 98SE computer, I have these installed...
1. IPX/SPX-compatable protocol
2. NetBEUI

I really don't know what to do. I was thinking about putting SE on the other computer (I don't really want to though). Also I suppose it is possible that my network cable is bad (doubt it though). If anyone has any suggestions, reply here or icq me at 15549573, or email me at PYates@playful.com.

Thanks! =)

1. RE: Win98/Win98SE Simple Network.
lbyard Sep-07-00 01:53 AM
In response to message 0
How are the computers networked: cables, etc.? I donít see where you have an adapter installed on the second PC. Check Control Panel, System, Device Manager and see if you have an indication of a problem with a network adapter. The PS/2 mouse uses IRQ 12. It is probably conflicting with the network adapter. Try moving the adapter to a different PCI slot. If that doesnít fix it, come back and Iíll describe some other things to try. Remove IPX/SPX unless you have a Novell file server or a game, etc. that requires it. Larry

2. RE: Win98/Win98SE Simple Network.
Nim Sep-07-00 08:15 AM
In response to message 1

I was a bit wrong in my first msg. The Win98SE computer has the card on irq11 and the normal Win98 is on 12. But I checked the irq12 pc out in Device Manager, and it says no conflicts (I have a "standard serial mouse"). I do have one (only one) adapter installed on the second pc (Win98SE), it's "D-Link DE-528 Ethernet PCI Adapter". I forgot to mention it in my first post.

Also, the computers are connected by a cable that looks like a bigger phone cord (only, it's blue). They do not go through a hub or anything, just straight from network card to network card.

I removed the IPX/SPX protocols and it still didn't work =(

3. RE: Win98/Win98SE Simple Network.
lbyard Sep-07-00 04:20 PM
In response to message 2
Verify that the cable is a crossover cable (see http://duxcw.com/digest/Howto/network/cable/cable6.htm). I'm willing to bet that it is a stright-thru cable, which will not work. Larry

4. RE: Win98/Win98SE Simple Network.
Nim Sep-07-00 09:00 PM
In response to message 3
Both ends of the cable are "568B".

5. RE: Win98/Win98SE Simple Network.
lbyard Sep-07-00 09:03 PM
In response to message 4
I would have won that bet...

"Now, all you need to remember, to properly configure the cables, are the diagrams for the two cable ends and the following rules:

A straight-thru cable has identical ends.

A crossover cable has different ends."


6. RE: Win98/Win98SE Simple Network.
Nim Sep-07-00 09:15 PM
In response to message 5
Excellent. I'll go buy a crossover cable and see if that does the trick =)

Thanks for everything! And expect more dumb questions from me when I start playing with ICS =)


7. RE: Win98/Win98SE Simple Network.
lbyard Sep-07-00 09:24 PM
In response to message 6
LAST EDITED ON Sep-07-00 AT 09:26 PM (GMT)

If you have a custom cable made, make sure they test it while you watch if you can. Test it by temproarily connecting two network-ready computers together and copy about 100 MBytes of files between them. A simple DC continuity test is not sufficient. Glad to help. If you look at the top of this page you may conclude that I make my living answering questions... Larry

8. RE: Win98/Win98SE Simple Network.
Nim Sep-07-00 11:33 PM
In response to message 7
Alright, got the new cable and shared my drives and the whatnot, and it works!

...however, now I'm trying to get them to share my dsl, and it ain't workin'. The computer that is connected to my dsl modem has normal win98. The other computer is the one with 98SE. When I try to install ICS on the 98SE pc, it says "Your network configuration is not complete. Please install your network hardware before installing Internet Connection Sharing".

I installed the tcp/ip protocols on both computers. I haven't removed NetBEUI yet.

I have a feeling I need to install 98SE on the computer that is connected to the DSL modem.

9. RE: Win98/Win98SE Simple Network.
lbyard Sep-08-00 04:25 AM
In response to message 8
Yes, or move the MODEM. Win 98 cannot be the ICS host. It can be an ICS client. Larry

10. RE: Win98/Win98SE Simple Network.
lbyard Sep-08-00 04:31 AM
In response to message 8
Uninstall ICS before proceeding. Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, Windows Setup... Larry

11. RE: P.P.P.o.E!!!!
Nim Sep-08-00 08:27 PM
In response to message 10
Argh... still more troubles.

I formatted the normal 98 computer, and now it's 98SE. Got my dsl working, and my little network goin again.

Tried using the ICS the way you described in your guide... but the thing is, I have one of these new dynamic ip things which requires me to log in kinda like as if I were using a normal modem. It uses some thing called P.P.P.o.E(?) and I think that's what's messing everything up. When the ICS wizard asked me to pick the network card that connects me to the internet, I had 3 choices, one was my actual DSL network card (Kingston), one was my LAN network card (D-Link), and one was a P.P.P.o.E adapter thing. I chose my actual DSL network card (Kingston), and then when I tried to log into dsl, I got a screen asking me which network card I should use to connect to DSL, and my DSL network (Kingston) card wasn't even listed! I had to go into my network protocol/adapter settings and remove the tcp/ip(shared) protocol from Kingston network card and re-install normal tcp/ip. Then I could finally chose to connect through my Kingston card again.

Geez this is a mess. Maybe you just can't use ICS with P.P.P.o.E... maybe it's pacbells way of stoping connection sharing. Any thoughts?

Thanks again,

12. RE: P.P.P.o.E!!!!
Nim Sep-08-00 11:00 PM
In response to message 11
Oops! Nevermind! I found this http://www.nts.com/support/FaqEnterNetWindows.html#ICS and it answered all my questions.

My computers are sharing the connection perfectly now! (I can even get 80k/sec downloads on the client pc!). Things worked out perfectly, thanks for everything Larry!


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