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How to Automate a Windows Logon to an NT Domain
lbyard Sep-07-00 08:40 PM
I just got my NT server to come-up and login automatically (see earlier post today). It logs into my account, lbyard, on the server (I donít want it to automatically login as the Administrator). To do that I had to assign my NT account a password. If the password is not assigned, NT will automatically reset the registry to disable the automatic logon. We donít need passwords on our network (SLAN = Small LAN) because it is used by just us trusting Byards and we have a hardware firewall between us and the Internet. The new problem is that Windows Me now requires a password upon startup to connect to the network and I do not want to enter it every time I fire-up windows. Again, this procedure is in a Knowledge Base Article, but I do not want to have to hunt for it again (just plain lazy, I guess). Hereís how:
Start>Control Panel>Passwords>Windows Password>Uncheck Microsoft Networking>
Ok>Enter the NT password in Old Password or whatever your Windows password is>
Make the New Password and Confirm Password fields blank>OK>
Double click Network>Client for Microsoft Networks>check Logon to Windows NT domain>enter the domain name>Ok>change Primary Network Logon to Windows Logon>Ok>Reboot when prompted>at the Logon Window enter the password to logon to the NT domain account>check Remember password.
When you reboot again everything will be automated; you will not see the Windows logon, but if you have mapped drives, you will see Windows connect to them in a flash.

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