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Testing Network Speed
SSBOB Sep-13-00 09:03 PM
Hi Guys

Can someone tell me if there is a test where you can actually test network speed
I have a NT Workstation (Server)
6 Win95 Machines and 1 win98se. My hub has a 10 Mps LED and a 100 Mps LED, if the 100 Mps LED is on does that mean it actuals is running at 100 MPs .I have a program that runs off the server on all machines however it runs very slowly when more than one person connects to it (A Building Estamation Program).Another chap has this program running on his 100 Mps network and has no problem. So I would like to try and test where the bottlneck is .ANY Thoughts


1. RE: Testing Network Speed
lbyard Sep-13-00 09:30 PM
In response to message 0
See http://duxcw.com/digest/Reviews/Network/smc/smc7004br/smc7004br-2.htm for some rough benchmarks. The bottle-neck may be a flaky cable which is causing a lot of errors on the network or data base/server/workstations configuration problems. Or not enough memory in the server. Are we comparing apples with apples? Larry

2. RE: Testing Network Speed
SSBOB Sep-13-00 10:12 PM
In response to message 1
ok I transfered the win95 cabs to the value of 33 MB. It took 30 Secs
Im running peer to peer 192.168.0.etc tcp/ip
How does thirty Secs Sound (not your 15)
(and yes apples with apples)

3. RE: Testing Network Speed
lbyard Sep-13-00 10:48 PM
In response to message 2
Slow unless you have some really old clunkers on the network. If you don't try swapping the cable going to the server. Larry

4. RE: Testing Network Speed
SSBOB Sep-14-00 00:34 AM
In response to message 3
this may be interesting
I transferred 33 MB from the client to the server in 15 seconds.
Then I transferred 33 MB form serever to the client 27 seconds


5. RE: Testing Network Speed
lbyard Sep-14-00 06:19 AM
In response to message 4
Ah, but you see the bulk of each of these transfers goes through a different pair of wires. Each Ethernet adapter transceiver has a transmitter and receiver. At one end, the tansmitter is connected to the corresponding receiver via one pair of wires and the receiver is connected to the corresponding transmitter by another pair. Larry

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